Our Story

Drip Grip Company began in 2023 with one goal in mind. To be the best damn grip in the world. Drip Grip No Slip™ was founded by Antonio Torres III, catcher for the Greek National Baseball team and European professional baseball player/coach.

As a player who never liked the texture or bulkiness of other grips and was never too keen on wearing batting gloves, only using them out of pure necessity due to his sweaty hands and fear of losing grip of the bat. Antonio decided to create a grip that could withstand even the most moist conditions. 

Hence, the birth of Drip Grip No Slip. A grip that never loses it's tackiness, is thin and soft, and leaves behind no sticky residue allowing for an easy removal process. 

Drip Grip No Slip has been approved by the top professional baseball players in the world and the number of #noslipsquad members is growing each and everyday. 

Try Drip Grip No Slip today and feel the difference.

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Antonio Torres III, CEO (left), Alejandro Torres, brother (right)